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MJW compiles insurance industry financial statements

20 February 2017

MJW has compiled a library of all the financial statements for every insurer licensed to operate in New Zealand.  More>

KiwiSavers in dark over full fee figures

19 September 2016

Many KiwiSavers are in the dark over the individual costs to manage their money because most providers don't give the full dollar figure in annual member statements. NZ Herald. More> 

How Minister Smith Could Deal with Land Banking

4 September 2016

The Housing Minister appears to have abandoned his previous housing affordability goals. He wants to see housing prices return to single digit inflation and not fall. This means that the only way to return housing to affordable levels is for incomes to grow faster than house prices. Realistically this will take decades to happen; few of us will see affordable housing in our lifetime. Morgan Foundation. More>

Public sector pensions invested in weapons

25 August 2016

The retirement savings of tens of thousands of public servants, including a handful of MPs, are being reviewed by the State Services Commission after it was revealed some of the money is invested in companies making cluster bombs.  More> 

KiwiSaver "invested in cluster bombs, land mines and nukes"

19 August 2016

Searching the datafiles for the names of companies involved with industries you want to avoid is easy, and reveals that not much has changed since Stuff broke the cluster bomb, land mines and nukes story in August last year.