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What does the Trump factor mean for Kiwis?

23 January 2017

NZ Herald: Kiwis are bracing for aftershocks since the mercurial Donald Trump rocked into the White House yesterday. Now the world's most famous Twitter ranter is finally in office, what will it mean for your back pocket? Russell Blackstock asks the experts. More>

Key events over the weekend

23 January 2017 Demographia ranks NZ affordability; China currency regulations working; PBoC faces liquidity stress; Europe gets falling real estate values; ANZ Wealth on the block. More>

What's up with the property market?

11 January 2017

Property investor retreat eases house price growth in Auckland says Jenée Tibshraeny of More>

Bubble: whose loses when it bursts?

7 December 2016

The property market may or may not be in a bubble, no one can say for sure until (or unless) it bursts. But putting that question aside, what would happen if there was a collapse in the property market? Who stands to lose the most? And who, if anyone, stands to gain? More>

Home buyers shouldn't agonise

25 November 2016

Would-be first home buyers should not agonise over trying to second-guess the direction of the housing market.  More>

Non resident data skewed

18 November 2016

Data on non-resident purchases shows 3% of property buyers non-residents for tax purposes, but no way of knowing how many of the other 97% are foreign students or temporary workers; new survey detail due in May. More>

40% deposit rules impact

16 November 2016

The new 40% deposit rules for investors have clearly had an impact - but the jury is very much out on how long the impact lasts for. More>

Baby boomers leverage capital gains

16 November 2016

Baby boomers leveraging off capital gains to buy investment properties rather than paying off the mortgage as they head towards retirement. More>

Steep decline in investor lending

27 September 2016

New Reserve Bank mortgage lending data leaves little doubt that the new investor-targeted LVRs have had a significant impact on bank lending to investors - lending to Auckland landlords dropped by almost 20%. More> 

The Government needs to get involved in helping to provide a level playing field for entrants into the housing market

26 September 2016

The latest calls by the Property Institute for first home buyers to be exempt from LVR restrictions fall into the usual category of such comments; well intended but naive and simplistic. More>