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Chinese migrants and elderly parents study released

18 January 2017

Massey University: Government policy changes in New Zealand and China are creating pressures for only child migrants from China who face difficult decisions juggling new lives with cultural expectations to care for ageing parents. More>

Migrants, older workers and NZ Super sustainability

11 January 2017 David Chaston explores how migrants and older workers are keeping NZ Super sustainable.  More>

Paul Glass on population

12 December 2016

Paul Glass argues New Zealand should target a desired rate of population so we can plan for the necessary infrastructure and housing required rather than trying to play catch up. More>

David Hargreaves says National is getting into deep water by trading off education revenues for easy access to New Zealand's job market for migrants

13 September 2016

"I think this Government has used migration in a most cynical and actually lazy way to boost the economy (though crucially GDP per capita growth has lagged) in the short term. But in doing so it's running big longer term risks." More> 

Why we're wrong to blame immigrants for our sputtering economies

23 August 2016

Immigrants have become a major scapegoat in recent years for sputtering Western economies. More>

Diane Maxwell on making NZ Super sustainable

19 August 2016

The Retirement Commissioner warns New Zealand Superannuation isn’t sustainable in its current form, so we need to prepare for change. Diane Maxwell says it’s inevitable the period of time you need to have lived in New Zealand to receive Super, as well as the age of eligibility, will need to be pushed out.