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New mathematical model could stop future financial crashes

27 February 2017

Massey University’s Professor Emeritus Graeme Wake and Professor Jeong-Hoon Kim from Yonsei University’s in South Korea have revisited the Black-Scholes model and re-formulated it to better cope with today’s markets. More>

Brian Fallow: Climate change not just about carbon

30 September 2016

If you own a car or a truck, you pay a price on the carbon dioxide emissions from its exhaust pipe. But if you own cows or sheep, the emissions of methane when they belch or nitrous oxide when they urinate are exempt under the emissions trading scheme. NZ Herald. More> 

John Mauldin probes how central banks' negative interest rate policies are hurting the global economy

2 September 2016

If you have any doubt that we’ve wandered into a new and unexplored economic universe, consider this number: US$12.6 trillion. That’s the face value of government and corporate bonds currently trading worldwide with nominal yields below zero.More>