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'Auckland house prices can't keep falling'

16 January 2017 Mortgage rates hikes and investor LVR restrictions won't be enough to stop Auckland house prices from growing in 2017, says the Property Institute.  More>

The passive investing bubble is real

13 January 2017

There is no question that the stats back up the idea that passive strategies have more often than not beaten active ones. But the love of passive at some point likely means active anomalies return in markets.   More>

Bubble: whose loses when it bursts?

7 December 2016

The property market may or may not be in a bubble, no one can say for sure until (or unless) it bursts. But putting that question aside, what would happen if there was a collapse in the property market? Who stands to lose the most? And who, if anyone, stands to gain? More>

Home buyers shouldn't agonise

25 November 2016

Would-be first home buyers should not agonise over trying to second-guess the direction of the housing market.  More>

How many Big Macs could you buy for the equivalent cost of a median priced Auckland house compared to Melbourne, Sydney and New York?

14 September 2016

Borrowing a leaf from the pages of the famous Big Mac Index developed by The Economist magazine to measure whether currencies in different countries are over or under-valued depending on their Big Mac purchasing power, developed its own Big Mac Property Index. More> 

The Nation: Ashley Church, Shamubeel Eaqub, and John Bolton

12 September 2016

On The Nation: CEO of the Property Institute, Ashley Church, is calling on the Government, the Reserve Bank, and local councils to bring down Auckland’s property prices without crashing the market. More> 

Shamubeel Eaqub: How high will Kiwi house prices go?

10 September 2016

OPINION: It is almost impossible to avoid talking or writing about house prices. The average Auckland house price cracked $1 million in August. The OECD reckons our house prices are the most overvalued relative to rents and the second most over-valued relative to incomes. More> 

John Tookey: The mess we are in: Why private firms won’t solve the housing affordability problem

8 September 2016

We know that whatever is the cause of the bubble, the only way ultimately we can get out of this situation is by making more houses available for purchase by customers. So how to achieve this? AUT. More> 

KiwiSaver fallout: 'it's time to rewrite laws'

8 September 2016

Surely, if the MPs who created the anti-nuke laws had thought New Zealand pension schemes like KiwiSaver could possibly end up owning shares in American corporations which maintained US nuke bases, they'd have specifically outlawed it. More> 

Brian Easton examines the tax incentive mess we have got into with our housing policy

29 August 2016

While housing obviously fills a need – people need somewhere to live – it also has an investment aspect. How this investment is treated by the tax system influences the housing market, and the investment available for other purposes, such as business ventures. More>