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Banks fight dashboard disclosure

19 December 2016

New Zealand banks have come out strongly against their regulator's plans to enforce its proposed dashboard quarterly disclosure regime on them. More>

Goldsmith swallows banks' argument

16 December 2016

Goldsmith takes pity on banks for having to invest $1 million on IT upgrades needed to disclose KiwiSaver members' fees in dollar terms. More>

Banks vulnerable to underinsurance

5 December 2016

Question marks remain over whether banks will be caught swimming naked if the tide goes out and New Zealand is hit with another major earthquake. More>

Banks concerned about 'fee-chasers'

21 November 2016

Bank KiwiSaver providers are worried that proposed changes to annual statement requirements could lead to members chasing the lowest-fee providers. More>

Ditch benchmarks advisers told

20 November 2016

Advisers are being urged to talk to their clients about the performance of their investments in terms of their goals, rather than referring to benchmarks and indexes. More>

RBNZ to focus on areas where 'the incentives on financial institutions differ most starkly from society’s interests'

2 September 2016

 The Reserve Bank is reviewing the statements made by bank directors in public disclosures to make sure they're reliable and accurate and the system can't be gamed.  More>