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Auckland Unitary Plan live today

16 November 2016

Most of Auckland Council’s Unitary Plan becomes operative from today – taking the confusion out of whether resource consents will be granted under the old or new rules. More>

Insurer Youi fined maximum $100,000 by Insurance Council for dodgy sales tactics

5 October 2016

South African-owned insurer Youi has been fined the maximum financial penalty of $100,000 by the Insurance Council following a disciplinary process over misleading sales practices and has been warned any future misconduct will risk it being ousted as a member. NZ Herald. More> 

Steep decline in investor lending

27 September 2016

New Reserve Bank mortgage lending data leaves little doubt that the new investor-targeted LVRs have had a significant impact on bank lending to investors - lending to Auckland landlords dropped by almost 20%. More> 

The Government needs to get involved in helping to provide a level playing field for entrants into the housing market

26 September 2016

The latest calls by the Property Institute for first home buyers to be exempt from LVR restrictions fall into the usual category of such comments; well intended but naive and simplistic. More> 

Rules around body corporates need tightening says Bernard Hickey

19 September 2016

Apartments can be part of the solution to Auckland's housing supply crisis and can be a foot on the ladder for a generation locked out of a traditional house on a section, but the Government will have to heed the warnings and take up the proposals for better regulation to reinforce and build confidence in these homes for decades to come. A failure risks adding insult to injury for an already struggling cohort of home buyers. More> 

How many Big Macs could you buy for the equivalent cost of a median priced Auckland house compared to Melbourne, Sydney and New York?

14 September 2016

Borrowing a leaf from the pages of the famous Big Mac Index developed by The Economist magazine to measure whether currencies in different countries are over or under-valued depending on their Big Mac purchasing power, developed its own Big Mac Property Index. More> 

Shamubeel Eaqub: How high will Kiwi house prices go?

10 September 2016

OPINION: It is almost impossible to avoid talking or writing about house prices. The average Auckland house price cracked $1 million in August. The OECD reckons our house prices are the most overvalued relative to rents and the second most over-valued relative to incomes. More> 

John Tookey: The mess we are in: Why private firms won’t solve the housing affordability problem

8 September 2016

We know that whatever is the cause of the bubble, the only way ultimately we can get out of this situation is by making more houses available for purchase by customers. So how to achieve this? AUT. More> 

KiwiSaver fallout: 'it's time to rewrite laws'

8 September 2016

Surely, if the MPs who created the anti-nuke laws had thought New Zealand pension schemes like KiwiSaver could possibly end up owning shares in American corporations which maintained US nuke bases, they'd have specifically outlawed it. More> 

Lending restriction effect dubious as average Auckland house price heads towards $1m mark

5 September 2016

The average price of an Auckland property is tipped to hit a million dollars this week. Will the Reserve Bank's third attempt at tightening lending restrictions will have a long term impact. More>