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No time to legislate Reserve Bank changes

12 April 2017 No possibility of govt legislating before election for 'technical' changes to Reserve Bank operations stemming from Treasury review, PM English says; Joyce requests review on OCR committee, Bank legislation overview. More>  

Treasury releases NZ Super Cabinet paper

13 March 2017

The Treasury has released documents related to the proposed changes to the age of entitlement and the residency requirements for New Zealand Superannuation. More>

NZ Super's property poverty timebomb

13 March 2017 Retirement specialists are concerned that falling home ownership rates will undermine the value of NZ Super. Prime Minister Bill English has announced plans to raise the age of eligibility for NZ Super from 65 to 67 by 2040, while leaving the value of NZ Super the same. More>

Treasury releases briefing papers to incoming Ministers

20 February 2017

Treasury: The Treasury has released its briefing to the incoming Minister of Finance together with related briefing documents for incoming Ministers. More>

NZ Government financial statements

27 January 2017

The Treasury: The Financial Statements of the Government of New Zealand for the five months ended 30 November 2016 whave been released. More>

Contemporary issues in monetary policy

23 December 2016

Treasury: In October 2016, the Treasury held a workshop exploring contemporary issues in monetary policy. To support this workshop, the Treasury commissioned two papers from international experts, which it is now releasing. More>

Macroeconomic stability dashboard updated

9 December 2016

The Treasury has prepared a two-page dashboard in A3 format of key summary, internal and external indicators of the performance of the New Zealand macroeconomy. More>

NZ Super Fund: the future?

7 December 2016

Terry Baucher wonders if it is time to look again at the funding of superannuation and gathers some of the facts and figures. More>

Treasury forecast: "nonsense"

30 November 2016

PM says Treasury's forecasts of blow-out in debt by 2060 without NZ Superannuation changes "a load of nonsense"; says Treasury couldn't get forecasts right 44 days before Budget 'let alone 44 years out'; also downplays weak productivity.  More>

Quarterly RBNZ disclosure changes

30 November 2016

Victoria University's Martien Lubberink encourages the public to give the Reserve Bank feedback on its proposed new approach to quarterly bank disclosure.  More>