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Workplace Savings breakfast leadership series

25 January 2017

Women in Super, in association with Workplace Savings and the Financial Services Council, are delighted to bring you the first event of our 2017 Breakfast Leadership Series on February 22 in Wellington and March 1 in Auckland.More  

Super-expensive super prompts call for budgeting policy

23 January 2017

Radio New Zealand: Politicians need to explain how superannuation will continue to be funded when costs are expected to triple in 20 years to $90 million a day, the Retirement Commissioner says. More>

ASIC new subplan disclosure requirements

23 January 2017

FTSE Global Markets: Australian market regulator ASIC has written to trustees of superannuation funds with employer subplans reminding them of the requirement to publicly disclose transparency information for those subplans from July 1st this year. More>

Aussie superannuation rules make inheritance, capital gains issues complex

23 January 2017

The New Daily: The raft of changes to the new superannuation system to commence from July 1 have just made the thorny issue of inheritance even more difficult for high value balances of $1.6 million or more. And they bring out some tricky issues relating to capital gains tax as well. More>

Migrants, older workers and NZ Super sustainability

11 January 2017 David Chaston explores how migrants and older workers are keeping NZ Super sustainable.  More>

Aussie super in need of 'radical change'

11 January 2017

The Australian: Richard Holden says that if Aussie super is to be more of a substitute for, rather than a supplement to, the pension, then big, structural changes need to be made. More>

Maxwell on the future of funding super

30 December 2016

Diane Maxwell: The cost of NZ Super is growing faster than GDP. Today NZ Super costs $30m a day. In 20 years, it will rise to $98m a day. With an optimistic lens we can say that Super will remain low as a proportion of GDP, relative to many OECD countries, but the argument ignores the other government costs that will increase, including health and aged care.  More>

The Aussie superannuation revolution of 2016

28 December 2016

Australia’s superannuation system this year received its greatest makeover since then-treasurer Peter Costello lavished mining boom largesse on the nation’s retirees back in 2006. The New Daily.  More>

Super Fund to invest in SMEs

21 December 2016

The NZ Super Fund will invest up to NZ$260 million in small and medium-sized New Zealand companies over the next five to 10 years. Press release. More>

Eaqub: the coming war of ages

19 December 2016

Are we marching towards an inevitable war between generations? The young feel hard done by; unlikely to achieve what their parents did. More>