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America has a retirement problem, not a saving problem

19 April 2017

The Economist: HOUSE Resolution 67, which Donald Trump signed last week, rolls back a rule that the Labor Department finalised late last year, which would have made it easier for cities and counties to run retirement savings plans for citizens who couldn’t get them through work. More>  

John Mauldin takes a look at some data on retirement savings

7 April 2017 John Mauldin takes a look at some data on retirement savings – or lack thereof. “The trouble with retirement is you never get a day off.”– Abe Lemons. More>  

Women fall further behind in retirement savings race

3 March 2017

 Stuff: Wanganui woman Rebecca Black is worried about what time out of the workforce is doing to her retirement savings. She and her husband recently tapped into their KiwiSaver accounts to buy a first house. More>

Workplace Savings breakfast leadership series

25 January 2017

Women in Super, in association with Workplace Savings and the Financial Services Council, are delighted to bring you the first event of our 2017 Breakfast Leadership Series on February 22 in Wellington and March 1 in Auckland.More  

Workplace Savings NZ – Newsletter Year in Review 2016 Newsletter

22 December 2016

As 2016 draws to a close it’s worth reflecting on the year that is passing as we look forward to the year ahead. More>

RBNZ sees shift in savings behvaiour

23 November 2016

RBNZ sees 'tentative evidence' of a shift in saving behaviour in Aust & NZ due to pessimism about income growth and 'wealth hit' from the GFC.  More>

Workplace Savings Conference 2016 speaker presentations

11 November 2016

Speaker presentations from the Workplace Savings NZ conference 2016 are now available. Click here to download the presentations from Dropbox.

Wheeler: no need for extra government help

11 November 2016

RBNZ Governor says economy already growing strongly enough to create necessary inflation; no need for extra help from Government with fiscal stimulus; Wheeler says open to NZ$ intervention. More>

Morningstar on the post-election stock swings

11 November 2016

Morningstar's take on why the market whipsawed in the wake of Trump's election victory, and what should be on your radar looking ahead. Morningstar. More>

FMA crack down on KiwiSaver providers

9 November 2016

The Financial Markets Authority (FMA) has warned about KiwiSaver providers against providing incentives that distract customers from making good switching decisions. More>