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Mary Holm: Double your money - and then some

10 July 2017

NZ Herald: This week we follow up on last week's column about a survey on how readers have done in KiwiSaver.
Many of the respondents made comments about the scheme, so we'll look into some of those this week. More>

What you need to save for a comfy retirement

10 July 2017

Auckland Scoop: The gap between income and expenditure for New Zealand retirees continues to shrink, but rising housing and household utility bills mean most Kiwis’ superannuation payments still don’t cover their costs of living, says a leading personal finance academic. MORE>

Get Sorted: Why KiwiSaver balances go up... and down

17 May 2017

New Zealand Herald: Quick question: what's the difference between a savings account and a KiwiSaver account?

KiwiSaver hits $40b, but balances stay low

17 May 2017

New Zealand Herald: Strong investment growth has boosted the value of KiwiSaver to over $40 billion but individual balances remain low for many despite the scheme running for nearly 10 years.

NZ Herald: Diana Clement: More to income protection than just ACC

11 May 2017

Worth seeking advice from financial adviser who specialises in insurance.

Bond investors can’t rest on their benchmarks

1 May 2017

InvestmentNewsNZ: Active management has a proven edge in the bond market, according to a new study by global fixed income giant PIMCO, where almost two-thirds of index-ignorers have outperformed passive peers in the US. More>  

NZ QROPS options shrink as minor players exit

1 May 2017

InvestmentNewsNZ: The rats and mice are deserting the UK pension transfer ship with two minor NZ-registered players cut from the latest official list. More>  

BT/Westpac funds clean-up sees off Vanguard…

1 May 2017

InvestmentnewsNZ: Westpac KiwiSaver has dropped Vanguard as global equities manager for its default fund in the first phase of an across-the-board ethical-cleansing at its investment management division. More>  

Recommended by Re-imagining insurance

1 May 2017 Sovereign chief executive Nick Stanhope has just celebrated his first anniversary in the job. It's his first role at the top of an organisation but he says he is loving the challenge of trying to innovate an industry selling something most of us hope never to need. More>  

One in three Kiwis has no money plan for retirement

28 April 2017

NZ Herald: Young people were the least likely to have a money plan, but even among older people, only 41 per cent knew how much they would need for retirement. More>