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Global Sustainable Investment Review 2016 released

29 March 2017

The Global Sustainable Investment Alliance (GSIA) released its biennial Global Sustainable Investment Review 2016, showing that global sustainable investment assets reached $22.89 trillion at the start of 2016, a 25% increase from 2014. More>

Will new PM pave way NZ Superannuation changes?

7 December 2016

Critics of the Government's current stance on New Zealand Superannuation are hoping that the Prime Minister's resignation paves the way for a change of heart in the Beehive. More>

Women lag in retirement savings

31 January 2013

New KiwiSaver figures confirm fears that women aren't keeping up with men on retirement saving.

New approach to retirement planning

15 March 2012

Many people have no idea of the costs of retirement and are ill-prepared for it, according to a group promoting financial education.  But trying to "scare the pants off" people into saving for the retirement has simply not worked, according to Retirement Commissioner Diana Crossan.

The real cost of living in retirement

14 March 2012

New research being sponsored by Workplace Savings NZ will show the real costs being faced by current retirees and highlight what is needed for retirement lifestyles in New Zealand.

NZ Investment Governance Survey 2011 - Report

28 November 2011

Russell Investments, with the support of Workplace Savings NZ, has surveyed the investment governance structures of a representative sample of 29 superannuation schemes.  The results of the inaugural survey are now available - click here to download a copy of this report.