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New Zealand’s tax system: Internal coherence is not enough

19 September 2016

The New Zealand tax system is largely robust. It taxes most forms of income and consumption at rates that are by and large perceived as fair. The overall tax take sits at about 30% of GDP, a rate that compares well with other OECD nations. Most people pay their taxes, mostly on time. That’s an indicator that there is a high degree of trust in the tax system and in government in general. Deborah Russell: Massey University. More> 

The great half-billion KiwiSaver home withdrawal

18 September 2016

Young KiwiSavers withdrew close to half a billion dollars from their savings pots in the past twelve months, just so they can get on the housing ladder. Now, there are concerns they have mortgaged their futures. More> 

Siah Hwee Ang on Brexit repercussions, turmoil in the South China Sea and more

17 September 2016

Professor Siah Hwee Ang, the BNZ Chair in Business in Asia at Victoria University. Top 10 by More>