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NZ Super Fund performance report for March 2017

21 April 2017

The New Zealand Superannuation Fund has released its performance and portfolio report for March 2017. More>  

Matt Whineray: Active versus passive investment

17 April 2017 One of the topics brought up in recent debates about the New Zealand Superannuation Fund is the difference between active and passive investment. More>  

Economist Bill Rosenberg runs the ruler over NZ Super cost predictions

5 April 2017 Economist Bill Rosenberg runs the ruler over NZ Super cost predictions, and argues it's not as scary as we've been told; Calls for a proper debate on population policy. More>

Adrian Orr: NZ Super - Debunking common myths

5 April 2017

NZ Herald: "Recent public comments illustrate that many people don't understand what the New Zealand Super Fund is and what it does, and the role of The Treasury."  More>

OPINION: Time to wind up the NZ Super Fund

29 March 2017

NBR: Chief executive Adrian Orr – supposedly a neutral public servant – has been openly making the case for more money to be put into the fund. PAID CONTENT. More>

Treasury releases NZ Super Cabinet paper

13 March 2017

The Treasury has released documents related to the proposed changes to the age of entitlement and the residency requirements for New Zealand Superannuation. More>

NZ Super's property poverty timebomb

13 March 2017 Retirement specialists are concerned that falling home ownership rates will undermine the value of NZ Super. Prime Minister Bill English has announced plans to raise the age of eligibility for NZ Super from 65 to 67 by 2040, while leaving the value of NZ Super the same. More>

TVNZ 1 Q+A: Andrew Little and Jacinda Ardern

13 March 2017

TVNZ: Labour leader Andrew Little and dputy leader Jacinda Ardern interviewed by Corin Dann about NZ Super. More>

NZ Super news this week

10 March 2017

A roundup of the week's NZ Super news following the government's move to raise the retirement age to 67. Find out what the media is saying. More>

Stuff's guide to NZ Superannuation changes

8 March 2017 Superannuation has been reset. Prime Minister Bill English has announced that the age for state superannuation will rise up to 67 in gradual steps starting in 20 years time. More>