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FMA: Who's taking $40,000 out of your KiwiSaver - for what?

23 September 2016

Jacqueline (not her real name) has $90,000 in her KiwiSaver account - but she's angry she has no idea how fees charged by her provider have affected her eventual nest egg. NZ Herald.  More> 

Morningstar economic update: September 2016

23 September 2016

Many asset classes, both at home and overseas, ran into heavy weather over the past month, principally because markets started to confront the reality rather than the distant prospect of more-normal monetary policy in the United States. Many asset valuations had made sense only when interest rates looked likely to remain very low,and thus were vulnerable when the tide started to turn. From RaboDirect.  More> 

Go forth and become a fund manager

23 September 2016

Carmel Fisher: I wonder how many parents would consider fund management as a worthy career for their sons and daughters? I would, but then I’ve enjoyed being part of the fund management industry for nearly thirty years and seen its impact on people’s lives. From RaboDirect.  More>