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Goldsmith, Seymour eye more robust regulatory analysis

24 April 2017

NBR: Regulatory Reform Minister Paul Goldsmith and his under-secretary David Seymour want government officials to provide more robust regulatory analysis under a tighter framework to avoid poor advice typically undermined by seeking a preordained solution. More>  

One in seven Kiwis should be in financial 'intensive care', says Commission for Financial Capability

3 April 2017 The government's money education agency says 14 per cent of Kiwis should be sent straight to financial "intensive care". More>

RBNZ considers whether to take a more 'graduated approach' in monitoring insurers' solvency

3 April 2017 RBNZ considers whether to: take a more 'graduated approach' in monitoring insurers' solvency, make insurers disclose as much information as banks, and require all insurers that operate in NZ to be locally incorporated. More>

More AFAs and Govt eyeing ways to keep them

27 March 2017

Goodreturns: New statistics from the Financial Markets Authority show that more authorised financial advisers joined the industry than left over the 12 months to June 30. More>

What have future generations ever done for me?

24 March 2017

His stake is in the ground. Prime Minister Bill English is progressively raising superannuation age of eligibility from 65 to 67. The change will be complete by 2040, but won’t start until 1st July 2037, twenty whole years away. No one born before 30th June 1972 will be affected. More>

When it comes to the super fund a little borrowing can go a long way

17 March 2017 Borrowing to invest in the world's sharemarkets just doesn't sound right. Yet counter to all those instincts, it is the right approach to the partial pre-funding of future pension costs through the Government Superannuation Fund. More>

Psychiatrists call for government review on insurers

10 March 2017 Psychiatrists call for government review on the way life insurers treat people with mental illness; Underwriter explains extent to which industry goes to fairly assess possible risks of mental illness. More>

Stuff's guide to NZ Superannuation changes

8 March 2017 Superannuation has been reset. Prime Minister Bill English has announced that the age for state superannuation will rise up to 67 in gradual steps starting in 20 years time. More>

DTIs should be in RBNZ toolkit - IMF

8 March 2017

Goodreturns: Debt-to-income ratios (DTIs) and the redirection of tax incentives away from housing would help tackle the risks posed by New Zealand’s housing market, the IMF says. More>

Bill English on generational comparison

8 March 2017 Comparing circumstances faced by different generations is unhelpful during the current national superannuation debate, Prime Minister Bill English says. More>