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Asia Credit - A Separate Allocation

18 January 2017

NikkoAM: We believe that Asia Credit should be treated as a separate allocation, rather than part of an Emerging Market allocation. More>

Time to Rethink Emerging Markets?

2 January 2017

Morningstar: As emerging markets look more like the rest of the world, they may not provide the same diversification benefits they once did, writes Morningstar's Don Phillips. More>

Morningstar on emerging markets

28 November 2016

Using Morningstar's indexes as platforms, we explore the cyclicality of emerging-markets stock returns over the past decade. Morningstar.  More>

Emerging Markets a Bright Spot in the Third Quarter

27 September 2016

In the global financial markets, most of the developments that were in place halfway through this year remain intact as we head into the final quarter of 2016. As a result, the performance results in the Morningstar Categories for funds look much like they did at the end of the second quarter. Morningstar. More>