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New Zealand's place on the world stage

27 January 2017

BNZ: A turbulent week into Donald Trump taking office as US President, BNZ chief economist Tony Alexander shares his views on how New Zealand fits into the new world stage. More>

Morningstar: what fund managers expect in 2017

28 December 2016

Morningstar: "If you thought 2016 was an up-and-down year, next year could be an even bumpier ride, say the investment pros we spoke with." More>

Gold suffers Trump effect

21 December 2016

Morningstar: The markets have gone into fantasy mode since the US presidential election. US stocks reached new all-time highs, the US dollar has soared, copper has had a parabolic rise, and interest rates are up substantially--while gold has tumbled.  More>

Hickey: The best bits of election reaction

11 November 2016

The best bits of election reaction that affect you... Tony Alexander suggests fixing for three years, downplays impact of Trump victory on NZ, the yuan falls to a six-year low. More>

Milford sees positives in election

11 November 2016

"Our initial conclusion is that Trump’s election will have positive, as well as potentially negative, implications for sharemarkets and bond markets." Milford Asset Management. More>