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Maxwell on the future of funding super

30 December 2016

Diane Maxwell: The cost of NZ Super is growing faster than GDP. Today NZ Super costs $30m a day. In 20 years, it will rise to $98m a day. With an optimistic lens we can say that Super will remain low as a proportion of GDP, relative to many OECD countries, but the argument ignores the other government costs that will increase, including health and aged care.  More>

Maxwell: 'Make immigrants wait for Super'

19 December 2016

Maxwell, who has a statutory duty to advise Parliament every three years on retirement income policy, thinks people should have 25 years as an "ordinary resident" in New Zealand after the age of 20 before they qualify for NZ Super, though they would qualify for emergency benefits if they fell on hard times before that. More>

Kiwisaver suspension not a "holiday"

12 December 2016

The right to suspend payments to KiwiSaver schemes should be reduced from five years to one and the so-called ‘contributions holiday’ should be renamed a ‘savings suspension’ to “remove the positive connection... More>

Ageism threat to retirement

12 December 2016

Retirement Commissioner Diane Maxwell is calling for measures to tackle ageism before raising the age NZ Super is paid from to 67. More>

Will new PM pave way NZ Superannuation changes?

7 December 2016

Critics of the Government's current stance on New Zealand Superannuation are hoping that the Prime Minister's resignation paves the way for a change of heart in the Beehive. More>