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Australian banks cut sales targets, NZ expected to follow

24 April 2017 The Australian parents of New Zealand's big four banks are pledging to overhaul the bonus structure paid to their staff. More>  

One in seven Kiwis should be in financial 'intensive care', says Commission for Financial Capability

3 April 2017 The government's money education agency says 14 per cent of Kiwis should be sent straight to financial "intensive care". More>

RBNZ considers whether to take a more 'graduated approach' in monitoring insurers' solvency

3 April 2017 RBNZ considers whether to: take a more 'graduated approach' in monitoring insurers' solvency, make insurers disclose as much information as banks, and require all insurers that operate in NZ to be locally incorporated. More>

Super-expensive super prompts call for budgeting policy

23 January 2017

Radio New Zealand: Politicians need to explain how superannuation will continue to be funded when costs are expected to triple in 20 years to $90 million a day, the Retirement Commissioner says. More>

Maxwell on the future of funding super

30 December 2016

Diane Maxwell: The cost of NZ Super is growing faster than GDP. Today NZ Super costs $30m a day. In 20 years, it will rise to $98m a day. With an optimistic lens we can say that Super will remain low as a proportion of GDP, relative to many OECD countries, but the argument ignores the other government costs that will increase, including health and aged care.  More>

Maxwell: 'Make immigrants wait for Super'

19 December 2016

Maxwell, who has a statutory duty to advise Parliament every three years on retirement income policy, thinks people should have 25 years as an "ordinary resident" in New Zealand after the age of 20 before they qualify for NZ Super, though they would qualify for emergency benefits if they fell on hard times before that. More>

Retirement commissioner calls for Super changes

16 December 2016

The Commission for Financial Capability has called on the Government to make sweeping changes to the eligibility criteria for NZ Super in the second phase of its 2016 Review of Retirement Income Policies. More>

NZ Super 'has long-term future'

16 December 2016

These days many seem to believe NZ Super is a millstone around taxpayers' neck, or a luxury we can't afford. It's neither. It's a marvel. More>

Youi insurance fined $320,000

16 December 2016

Youi has been fined $320,000 for using misleading sales techniques when attempting to sell policies to people seeking quotes. More>

Kiwisaver suspension not a "holiday"

12 December 2016

The right to suspend payments to KiwiSaver schemes should be reduced from five years to one and the so-called ‘contributions holiday’ should be renamed a ‘savings suspension’ to “remove the positive connection... More>