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28 December 2016's top business reads of 2016.  Diana Clement's Youi Insurance investigation took the top two slots, followed by work by media commentator Bernard Hickey.  More>

Hickey: Big 3 numbers of 2016

19 December 2016

2016 was a big year for surprises and for politics driven by economics, so here's the big three numbers of the political economy over the last 12 months. More>

Non resident data skewed

18 November 2016

Data on non-resident purchases shows 3% of property buyers non-residents for tax purposes, but no way of knowing how many of the other 97% are foreign students or temporary workers; new survey detail due in May. More>

Hickey: The best bits of election reaction

11 November 2016

The best bits of election reaction that affect you... Tony Alexander suggests fixing for three years, downplays impact of Trump victory on NZ, the yuan falls to a six-year low. More>

Milford sees positives in election

11 November 2016

"Our initial conclusion is that Trump’s election will have positive, as well as potentially negative, implications for sharemarkets and bond markets." Milford Asset Management. More>