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Morningstar releases its September KiwiSaver Performance Survey

29 October 2014

Morningstar has released its quarterly KiwiSaver Performance Survey for September. All markets experienced growth during the third quarter of 2014, with the best performing sectors coming from outside New Zealand.

Five ways to stretch your savings across increasingly long retirement

28 October 2014

Investment plans should be reviewed regularly to reflect the health and needs of the retirees.

KiwiSaver members told: Don't forget tax

23 October 2014

KiwiSaver members are being told to consider the impact of tax on their investments.

What do you know about money and risk? The FMA asks the public

15 October 2014

As part of Money Week, the Financial Markets Authority did some research into what NZers really knew about money and risk. They took to the streets of Auckland to ask a few people what they knew. View the video...

We've taken to KiwiSaver like ducks to water

11 October 2014

630,000 expected to join by now but 2.35 million already signed up. The scheme has also built up some impressive statistics...