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KiwiSaver: Tax number key to getting Oz super here

16 December 2014

Transferring funds can be complicated - but not impossible - if you have lost track.

Taxation (KiwiSaver HomeStart and Remedial Matters) Bill

12 December 2014

Public submissions are being invited on this bill. The main proposals include the withdrawal of member tax credits for KiwiSaver members purchasing their first home, and corrections to the tax, social policy, and KiwiSaver treatment of income replacement payments for some veterans and other claimants. The closing date for submissions is Monday 2 February 2015.

Are you smart enough to retire?

7 December 2014

Retirement planning is hard, and most people struggle to understand the fundamentals, according to a new report by the American College of Financial Services, a nonprofit that educates financial advisers.

Invitation to disclose - fun and games with the FMC

2 December 2014

Maybe only lawyers and regulators will celebrate day one of the Financial Markets Conduct Act (FMC) era with much enthusiasm. For everybody else in the financial industry the introduction of the full FMC means many more months, or years, of tedious compliance work.

Happy Financial Markets Conduct Day! - Now time for business

1 December 2014

Here's a question for those of us working in New Zealand's financial markets - looking back in 10, 20 years will you remember where you were today?