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KiwiSaver 'needs reform'

10 April 2014

A High Court ruling has found that a bankrupt's KiwiSaver funds can be used to pay their debts, but only if trustees of the account grant access. Law firm Chapman Tripp said the decision showed the law required "a legislative fix".

Govt appoints KiwiSaver default providers

28 March 2014

Nine institutions have been selected as "default providers" for new KiwiSaver members who do not nominate a place for their savings.

Act now to avoid overseas pension tax

20 March 2014

New Zealanders wanting to bring back their overseas superannuation should get in quick. New tax rules coming into force on April 1 may significantly increase your tax bill.

Inside Money: Why KiwiSavers can't fly to Australia

18 March 2014

While the Aussie-NZ super traffic may now be proceeding smoothly, there's now evidence of a major logjam for KiwiSaver funds heading the other way.

Changes to financial reporting requirements

13 March 2014

The financial reporting obligations for a number of medium-sized companies has been simplified following the passage of the Financial Reporting Act. An Order in Council was made this week that specifies for tax purposes the minimum financial reporting requirements for companies.