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Inside Money: DIY super for Kiwis not on schedule

28 August 2014

For superannuation aficionados, Schedule 3 of the Financial Markets Conduct Act (FMC) makes for titillating copy.

Financial education at work - how to park your money

14 August 2014

Words are tricky, so are numbers: when you put them both together in financial education literature the confusion ratio doubles - or does it go up exponentially? Either way, financial literacy - a major theme of the recent Workplace Savings NZ conference - is tough going.

Can't save? Blame it on being human

11 August 2014

We all know we should save to ensure our golden years really do turn out to be what the name suggests but why do we find it so hard?

ANZ tackles trans-tasman portability problems

6 August 2014

Only about 20% of those who inquire about transferring their Australian superannuation savings to New Zealand KiwiSaver accounts do so – probably because of the hurdles involved, ANZ says.

Updated Policy Principles

25 July 2014

The Council of Workplace Savings NZ has reviewed and updated their stated "Policy Princples" in a revised document published in July 2014.