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Plans outlined for bankrupt KiwiSaver members

15 November 2015

KiwiSaver providers have been told how the Official Assignee will access the savings of people who go bankrupt.

Media Release: Massey University Retirement Expenditure Guidelines

9 November 2015

The Westpac Massey Fin-Ed Centre has released updated Retirement Expenditure Guidelines to help New Zealanders plan for their retirement. The new report, which was developed in partnership with Workplace Savings NZ, shows there is a growing gap between the cost of living in retirement and New Zealand Superannuation payments.

How much you need in KiwiSaver to be comfortable

9 November 2015

New calculations show NZ retirees won't be able to just use national superannuation if they have ambitions beyond a 'no-frills' lifestyle.

Kickstart vibe-killer effect lingers on

8 November 2015

KiwiSaver sign-ups have dipped again over September to an all-time low, falling to less than half the rate recorded in the month prior to the removal of the $1,000 ‘kickstart’ incentive.

How much income will your KiwiSaver deliver?

3 November 2015

Savers are told what their total pot of money is but are left to their own devices to work out whether they are on track for retirement.