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Change of Contact Details

29 June 2016

Our contact details have changed.

Why you'll never be able to retire

26 June 2016

It is 17 years since compulsory retirement ages were banned by the Human Rights Act. In that time, older workers have trebled from 9 per cent of men aged 65 and over to 27 per cent.

Most savers don't know how they pay for KiwiSaver

21 June 2016

We're happy to check how much we have saved in our KiwiSaver accounts but when it comes to how much we pay for that money to be looked after we're not so sure.

Numbers up for KiwiSaver and super schemes

12 June 2016

Less than 30 KiwiSaver schemes are expected to survive the Financial Markets Conduct Act (FMC) transition with the ‘bolt-on’ employer scheme sector slated for extinction.

Death and the KiwiSaver

8 June 2016

What happens to KiwiSaver money when you die?