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KiwiSaver choices made on the home front - researcher

23 April 2015

Dr Annie Zhang's thesis 'Essays on Household Behaviour and Individual Investor Behaviour' studied a range of factors that influenced investor behaviour.

Kiwisaver: Win for bankrupts in Appeal Court case

17 April 2015

The Court of Appeal has found Kiwisaver funds cannot be claimed by the Official Assignee to pay debts, overturning a previous High Court ruling.

Should KiwiSavers be allowed their lump sums?

10 April 2015

Australian moves to limit retirees’ ability to withdraw their superannuation savings as a lump sum have prompted mixed reactions from New Zealand KiwiSaver providers.

Tax system overhaul could cost financial industry

6 April 2015

Banks, fund managers, KiwiSaver providers and other financial institutions could be up for further compliance upgrades under proposals put forward in the government tax reform ‘green paper’ published last week.

Seven questions to ask your KiwiSaver provider

4 April 2015

KiwiSavers are always being told off for switching funds for all the wrong reasons.  If pressure from your bank or chasing returns isn't enough, what should you be looking for?  Don't feel bad if you break up with your fund: competition helps keep providers honest and experts suggest reviewing your fund choice once a year.  So how do you know if you are onto a winner?